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Biography of Penelope Cruz

 Penelope Cruz Sanchez was born in Madrid on 28th of April 1974. Her father Eduardo was a retailer, her mother, Encarna, a hairdresser,and Cruz's first name was inspired by a song by Joan Manuel Serrat the family living in the working-class suburb of Alcobendas, about 5k from Madrid. Cruz has a sister, Monica, who is also in the  entertainment business as a pro flamenco dancer and TV star, and one brother, also born earlier, called after his father. Penelope was a instinctive performing artist, miming TV ads from the age of around 4.  Iit was the world of dance that caught her vision and dominated her life. She spent 9 years studying classic dance at Spain's National Conservatory, including three years of ballet with Angela Garrido, and a period of jazz dance with Raul Caballero. There were also four years of courses with Cristina Rota in New York City. Giving up secondary education early, at 15 she crushed  the challengers at an agency try out and became a irregular fashion model. Following up on drama studies in Madrid, she also came along in music videos, one being for the best-selling band Mecano with whose singer, Nacho Cano, she'd have a kinship with until 1996.

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